A trusted dealer and exporter of Natural Steam Coal and Black Steam Coal!

Our Vendor Base

Customers are the soul of every business. Therefore, we always prioritize their requirements and spare no effort in delivering them the products and services that they want from us.

Our Mission

The foundation of our company was laid with the vision of setting up a strong and wonderful workforce because we believe that employees are the key to a successful business.

A Loyal Team

To prevent adverse ESG impacts on our environment through our own business activities, we perform our supply operations responsibly.

Why Us?

Consequently, facilitating a sustainable approach for our company. Besides, we take a robust approach to carefully sourcing our steam

About us

Kutch Mineral And Mining Company Limited makes coal trade happen seamlessly. We, as a dealer and exporter of Black Steam Coal and Natural Steam Coal, have established a large supply chain network for quick and proficient supply operations. The diligent employees of our company have made it their mission to run the business responsibly. To ensure the same, we deploy our infrastructural facility, knowledge, experience and skills to supply steam coals from the locations these are plentiful to where these are highly required. Besides, it is our focus on advancing our trade operations for which we are seen as a reliable business partner in this business domain. The advancement of our operations and company relies on the continuous improvement made in our facilities and at every other business aspect. Therefore, we keep improving ourselves by improving our work process and resources.

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